minute (plural minutes)

  1. A unit of time equal to sixty seconds and one-sixtieth of an hour.
    You have twenty minutes to complete the test.
  2. A short but unspecified time period.
    Wait a minute, I"m not ready yet!
  3. A unit of angle equal to one-sixtieth of a degree.
    We need to be sure these maps are accurate to within one minute of arc.
  4. (in plural minutes) A (usually formal) written record of a meeting.
    Let"s look at the minutes of last week"s meeting.
  5. A minute of use of a telephone or other network, especially a cell phone network.
    If you buy this phone, you"ll get 100 free minutes.



  • [[big]], [[enormous]], [[colossal]], [[huge]], [[significant]], [[tremendous]]

6 letters in word "minute": E I M N T U.

Anagrams of minute:

Words found within minute:

em emit emu en et etui in it item me mein meint men ment menu met meu mi mien mine mint mite mu mun muni munt mut mute muti ne net neum nie nim nit nite nu nut te ten ti tie time tin tine tui tum tun tune um un uni unit unite unmet untie ut ute

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